Outreach Info for GT Coordinators

Outreach for Area Students

The purpose of the outreach program is to provide area public school students in grades 4 -10 with activities in the arts and sciences that further develop their interests and inspire learning.

Enrichment activities are related to core curriculum and incorporate technology or other advanced learning experiences not available for students in their own schools. Through these experiences, students are predominantly engaged in laboratory settings, problem based learning, and creative production so they may explore scientific principles and the nature of creative work.

Teachers, counselors, and administrators from area schools screen younger students with potential for advanced learning, select student groups to participate with our school’s outreach program, and coordinate outreach visits.  Priority in selection is given to students who are potential first generation college students, who have limited enrichment experiences beyond their classroom, and/or who have been identified as gifted.

Student groups of 4th and 5th graders  from 20 area elementary schools visit once each semester.  Middle school groups from each grade in the area’s six middle schools visit once a year to participate in outreach activities.

In a 2011 school survey of students in the school’s programs, 65% of students indicated their outreach experiences in elementary and middle schools were influential or very influential in developing their interest in STEM.  In addition, 73% of students in that survey indicated their outreach spend-a-day experience was influential or very influential in their decision to apply to the school’s programs.

Outreach Objectives

  1. Students will participate in enrichment activities which develop their interests and inspire learning in the arts and sciences.
  2. Students will participate in enrichment activities related to the SOL’s in core areas and should incorporate technology, equipment or other tasks students do not have available in their own schools.
  3. Students will engage in hands-on, inquiry-based activities which foster collaborative and creative problem-solving in a supportive and unique environment.

 *Participating in outreach, enrichment, or shadowing activities and gifted identification are not considerations in the SVGS application process.

Elementary Outreach—Grades 4, 5

24 students—Arts & Humanities,

24 students—Sciences

Visit  Time*—12:30 –2:00 p.m.

*Please notify SVGS  of any changes in time needed due to transportation.

Middle School Outreach  – Grades 6-8

24 students—Arts & Humanities,

24 students—Sciences

Visit  Time*—11:30 –2:00 p.m.

*Please notify SVGS  of any changes in time needed due to transportation. Students will need to bring lunch with them.

Spend—A—Day for Prospective Students

Shadowing or spend-a-day activities are coordinated for prospective students the year (10th or 11th) they are eligible to apply to the school.  Students should contact their high school counselor to coordinate a  Spend– A –Day visit.  Students shadow a SVGS student in the morning and participate in lab/class activities in the afternoon with other prospective students. Students will need to bring lunch with them.


SVGS  is often requested to provide instruction in afterschool enrichment programs or classroom presentations on specific topics for gifted and talented elementary school students.  The school’s staff provides support and resources for gifted middle school students for their research and science fair projects.  These students are referred by their science teacher based on their need for more advanced resources or assistance.

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