What do you do when….

Your child will be late or absent?

Please call the school at 245-5088 or e-mail BOTH Ms. Robords and the principal ( and  An e-mail which states the reason for the absence may be considered a note (see below).

Your child returns to school?

You must send a note with the reason for the absence or tardiness (this is required to excuse the absence).

What is excusable?

Illness, family emergency, dental appointments, college visits, college/scholarship related interviews, court appearances – generally, anything over which you do not have control – and family vacations if the absence is properly arranged ahead of time.

Field trips and other school-related activities do not usually count as an absence but we do need to know about them from you or your child.

What is NOT excusable? Shopping trips, hair appointments, having work done on the car, getting gas…generally, taking care of any personal business is NOT excusable. (“She was with me” is not an excuse.) Your child is allowed a few unexcused absences without penalty. So use them wisely!

You have a question about your child’s work or grade?

Call or send a note to the teacher directly. You may also e-mail the teacher.  Every instructor’s email is found on the school website under “staff”.

You have a question about computer needs?
Send a note to or call the teacher or Mr. Hull, our program Principal/Coordinator.

How will I be billed for dual-enrollment or AP fees?
You will receive an invoice from the SVGS office. Fees are payable by the due date on the invoice in order for your child to be enrolled in the college class. We generally bill in July for the fall courses, and in December (with a January due date) for spring classes.

You need financial assistance to pay dual-enrollment or AP fees?
The PSAC has a limited fund that can help you pay these costs up to 50% of the total. All inquiries are confidential. Priority for our limited funds is given to students on free/reduced lunch or other federally or state approved programs for low-income families.

Do I get tuition tax credits for dual-enrollment tuition?
Unfortunately, no. The Hope Tax Bill offers relief for students taking at least a half-time load in a degree program. It does not apply to classes taken before high school graduation. You may, however, be able to claim tuition as a deduction. In all instances, consult your professional tax preparer!

The weather is frightful?
Listen to area radio and/or TV stations for announcements concerning Augusta County Schools.  If Augusta County Schools are closed, SVGS is closed. If AC schools are on a one-hour delay, SVGS student classes start at 8:40 a.m. If AC schools are 2 hours late, SVGS student courses start at 9:40 a.m.  If bad weather moves in during the day, SVGS evening activities will be cancelled if AC cancels its after-school activities.

You want to get involved?
Come to the Parents’ Support and Advisory Council’s (PSAC) meetings. They are usually the 3rd Monday of the month and begin promptly at 5:30 and end at 6:30 p.m. Check the SVGS website for confirmation of date and time.

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