Our Staff

Lindsay Campbell,  CampbellLM@svgs.k12.va.us
Teachers for Tomorrow(GO2Teach) I and II
MA in Education, Shenandoah University,Bachelor of Arts, Bridgewater College 

Vincent Daw,  daw@svgs.k12.va.us
Environmental Chemistry, Engineering I & II
Master of Science Education, Environmental Chemistry, New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology
Bachelor of Engineering Science, Mechanical Engineering, Georgia Tech

Dr. Andy Flick,  flicka@svgs.k12.va.us
Biomechanics, Scientific Research 
Doctor of Chiropractic, Texas Chiropractic College
Bachelor of Science, Biology, Texas Chiropractic College

Zan Gillies, alexander.gillies@gmail.com
Film Making I and II
MFA, Film and Media Arts, American University, 2019

Lani Hoza,  HozaL@svgs.k12.va.us
AP Psychology, DE Developmental Psychology
Master of Education, Educational Psychology, University of Virginia
Bachelor of Arts, Mathematics, Psychology, University of Virginia

Anne Jeffrey, jeffrey@svgs.k12.va.us
Literature, Composition and Ideas I and II
Masters of Arts, English, James Madison University
Bachelor of Arts, English and French, Mary Baldwin College

Susan Jenny, jenny@svgs.k12.va.us
AP Calculus BC, AP Chemistry
Masters of Chemical Engineering, University of Delaware
Bachelor of Science, Chemistry, Pennsylvania State University

Dr. Lindsey Lennon, lennonl@svgs.k12.va.us
Sociology of Mass Media, Sociology of Family, AP Psychology
Doctor of Philosophy, Sociology, Florida State University
Masters of Science, Sociology, Florida State University
Bachelor of Science, Sociology, James Madison University

Chris Martin, martin@svgs.k12.va.us
Master of Education, Science Education, Virginia Tech
Bachelor of Science, Physics, Virginia Tech

Cassy Maxton-Whitacre, maxton@svgs.k12.va.us
Theater, Communications, Film Studies I and II
Bachelor of Fine Arts, Theatre, Miami of Ohio, MFA in Theater Education,  Mississippi University for Women                                                                  

Madison McKinsey, McKinseyM@svgs.k12.va.us
Molecular Biology, Scientific Research
Master of Science, Biology, William and Mary
Bachelor of Science, Biology, Emory and Henry College

Jo-el Nelson, nelson@svgs.k12.va.us
AP Environmental Science, Geospatial Information System
Master of Arts, Science Education, East Carolina University
Bachelor of Science, Marine Biology, UNC- Wilmington

Erik Nylander, nylandere@svgs.k12.va.us
Calculus, Pre-Calculus, GS Machine Learning
Masters of Science, Data Analytics, CUNY School of Professional Studies

Bess Trainum, trainumew@svgs.k12.va.us    
Calculus and Pre-Calculus
Graduate work in Mathematics, James Madison University and Radford  University Master of Arts in Teaching, James Madison University
Bachelor of Arts, International Studies, Miami University

Anthony Tyler, tylera@svgs.k12.va.us
AP Statistics, GS Math Modeling
Masters of Science, Mathematics, South Dakota State University
Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, Liberty University

Dr. Aiwa “Alf” Zhu, zhu@svgs.k12.va.us
Modern Physics, Scientific Research, Advanced Calculus, Discrete Math
Doctor of Philosophy, Physics, Chinese Academy of Science
Bachelor of Science, Physics, Tsinghua University

Paul Hildebrand, hildebrandp@svgs.k12.va.us
Humanities of Western Culture
Master of Fine Arts, Theatre Arts, Catholic University of America
Bachelor of Arts, Government, College of William & Mary

John York, yorkj@svgs.k12.va.us
Cyber Security, Software Operations
Masters of Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois
Bachelor of Science, Electrical Engineering, University of Illinois

Dr. Lee Ann Whitesell, whitesell@svgs.k12.va.us
of the Shenandoah Valley Center for Advanced Learning
Doctor of Education – Curriculum & Instruction, University of Virginia
Certification – Administration & Supervision K-12, Shenandoah University
Master of Education, Counseling Psychology, James Madison University
Bachelor of Science, Mathematics, James Madison University

Brent Hull, hullb@svgs.k12.va.us
Coordinator Shenandoah Valley Governor’s School
Master of Science in Education-Educational Leadership, Arkansas State University
Bachelor of Science, Biology, Bridgewater College

Shannon Brown, browns@svgs.k12.va.us
Student Experience Coordinator/Counselor Shenandoah Valley Governor’s School
Master of Science in Counselor Education, Winona State University
Bachelor of Science in Home Economics, University of Minnesota, Twin Cities

Sherri Robords, robordss@svgs.k12.va.us
SVGS Administrative Assistant

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