Technology, Spring 2013

Geospatial Information Systems

Congratulations to Addie Boyd-Pratt and Grace Sheridan who won 2nd place in the state GSS Map Contest!


Robot MazeIntro to Engineering focused on electrical and structural engineering in the second semester.  Students designed both analog and digital circuits and modeled them mathematically.  They built and programmed robots using a version of BASIC computer language, and ultimately designed software that enabled the robot to navigate a complex maze.


In the structural engineering unit, students learned to analyze and design trusses using principles from physics.  They constructed and tested Pratt truss bridges, then designed their own truss bridges using West Point Bridge Designer software.  Student teams presented their bridge designs at a simulated “town meeting” to the citizens and community leaders who would select the final design for the project.

Eng 2

Scientific Research

Did you ever want to learn about the correct way to hold your hand while hitting a tennis ball or the amount of fat in milk or even how to prevent your dog from becoming overweight?  SVGS research students wanted to know the answers to these and many other questions which started them on a quest to find the answers.  Research students finished their year-long quest this year in May by submitting their papers and presenting their findings to a board of teachers and their peers.  The students did a great job and were able to answer questions from other students and faculty
members to show their ‘expertise’ in their field of study. Through their projects, students engaged in the process of science from research to experimentation to analyzing results and determining what those results mean.

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