Given the potential for continued inclement weather, SVGS’s inclement weather policy has been revised. This change begins MONDAY, 1/27.  

In the event of inclement weather, please listen/watch for announcements regarding Augusta County Schools.   As a reminder, any changes in the normal SVGS schedule are posted on the website, facebook, twitter.  Parents will receive automated calls.

If Augusta County Schools are closed, SVGS is closed for the day.

If Augusta County Schools are operating on a two-hour delay, students report to SVGS no later than 9:30 a.m. 

See schedule for a 2hr delay below.

1st      9:30 – 10:03

2nd   10:05 – 10:37

3rd   10:39– 11:11

4th    11:13 – 11:45*

All students report to SVGS at 9:30 am.  Students will have a staggered release based on the return and travel time for their homeschool beginning at 11:45.

*In the rare event that Augusta County Schools is operating on a two-hour delay but Staunton and/or Waynesboro are not, Staunton and/or Waynesboro students will be released at 11:30.

PLEASE NOTE tech buses will not run on a 2 hr. delay schedule.  Students and parents are expected to make alternative arrangements for transportation back to the high school for those days. 


*SVGS follows the Augusta County School Board’s calendar.  Changes may have to be made to the calendar because of inclement weather.  Changes are official only after actions by the Augusta County School Board. Students are expected to attend on days when SVGS is in session regardless of the high schools’/divisions’ differing calendar(s).

*With school cancelations, students should communicate with teachers if they are unsure or stressed about an assignment.  Teachers will continue to facilitate communication and ways for students to ask questions and help each other off site in inclement weather.  Students need to routinely check their SVGS email for information! This reinforces good independent learning and time management habits when we miss time.

*Students should NOT ASSUME every assignment “automatically” moves back for every day we are not in school.   Students are expected to work on and complete any assignments for material reviewed before missed days, work on any long-term projects already assigned, read material for the coming classes or related to previous material in accordance with teacher’s expectations.  Students need to do what they can, analyze what they can’t and figure out what assistance they need or what questions they have to best utilize instructional time when school is in session.

This change for 2 hour delays is an effort to minimize  loss of instructional time and maintain student safety which is the priority.   While instruction is greatly adjusted and work outside is limited with any schedule change, it is important to maintain as much “forward” momentum as possible.

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