School Calendar Changes as of 3/7

Given recent school closures due to inclement weather, there have been significant changes to our schedule
As a reminder, SVGS follows the Augusta County School schedule.  This will continue to be updated should other days be missed.
The following days will now be school days:
April 14(previously Spring Break)
April 15(previously Spring Break)
April 16(previously Spring Break)
April 28(previously teacher workday)
May 26 (Memorial Day)
Students from Waynesboro or Staunton who are not able to attend, because of family or unusual circumstances, on regular SVGS days when city schools are closed must get approval from the Director for a pre-arranged absence. If known in advance that time will be missed because of scheduled high school activities or for personal reasons, parents/guardians must send a note explain the reason for the proposed absence.   Failure  to do so will result in an unexcused absence and loss of credit for missed assignments.  It is the student’s responsibility to discuss planned absences with teachers. 
I would like to thank the students and staff for their efforts to maintain academic continuity and parents for supporting their endeavors.  To all, thanks for your flexibility and continued focus on learning.
This will be updated if any other days are missed.

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