Shenandoah Valley Regional Science Fair, March 11

Fifty SVGS research students participated in the 2014 Shenandoah Valley Regional Science Fair sponsored by James Madison University on March 12. The Shenandoah Valley Regional Science Fair is affiliated with the ISEF (International Science and Engineering Fair).  Participating localities included: Highland County  Bath County  Rockbridge County  Staunton City  Winchester City  Page County  Harrisonburg City  Warren County  Shenandoah County  Augusta County  Rockingham County  Frederick County  
Each student was required to create an exhibit documenting their research project and participate in a question and answer session.  University professors and practicing scientists served as volunteer judges evaluating entries in eighteen categories. 
The following Shenandoah Valley Governor’s School students were recognized among this year’s regional science fair winners:
Animal Science
Ruth Schultz
R.E. Lee H.S.
Effect of a daf-18 mutation on chemotaxis in Caenorhabditis elegans
Behavioral & Social Science
Christian Marshall
Does External Brain Stimulation Harm Memory Encoding?
Behavioral & Social Science
Julia Watson
Variations in Estimation Capabilities Between Genders and Ages
Energy & Transportation
Alex Maneval
Frequency and Intensity of Light, and Temperature  Effect on the Efficiency of a Solar Cell
Medicine, Health & Nutrition Science
Steven Carter
Antibacterial Effect on Bacterial Growth
Physics & Astronomy
Victoria Prevette
Temperatures Effect on Charging of Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries
Plant Science
Megan Godsey
The Effect of Broadleaf Cattails (Typha latifolia) v. Soft Rush (Juncus effusus) on Nitrate Levels in Soil 
Plant Science
Moriah Veer
Rate That Nitrogen Fixing Organisms Fix Nitrates and Phosphates
Environmental Science
**James Madison Grand Award Winner
Abigail Johnson
R.E. Lee H. S.
Exploring the impact of herbicides on aquatic ecosystems: The denitrification efficacy of Lemna minor under varying atrazine concentrations     
*Qualified to participate in the Virginia State Science and Engineering Fair March 29 at VMI. 
**As the Grand Award Winner, ABIGAIL JOHNSON has qualified as finalist for the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF).  Intel ISEF is the world’s largest international pre-college science competition, providing an annual forum for more than 1,600 high school students from over 70 countries, regions, and territories to showcase their independent research and compete for more than $4 million in awards.  Intel ISEF will be held May 11-14 in Los Angeles CA.
In addition, the following SVGS students received special recognition for their work:
U.S. Navy/Marine Corps Senior Award                          Caitlyn Singleton, WMHS    
Virginia Dental Association Merit Award                      Steven Carter, FDHS
Society for In Vitro Biology Award                                 Mollie Gaines, BGHS
Yale Science and Engineering Award                              Victoria Prevette, BGHS  
AMS Material Education Association                             Alexander Maneval, WHS
American Psychological Association Award                Christian Marshall , SDHS  
US Stockholm Jr Water Prize                                            Abigail Johnson, LHS
AWWA Outstanding Senior Honorable Mention          Kasey Ball, WMHS
AWWA Outstanding Senior 1st Place                               Abigail Johnson, LHS
Congratulations to all SVGS research students for their work!

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