SVGS on Two Hour Delay – Tuesday, Dec. 9

SVGS will operate on a delayed schedule Tuesday, Dec. 9 due to wintery weather.
Students report no later than 9:30 to SVGS.

See below for 2 hour delay schedule.
The following adjustments are made for our exam schedule:


Science exams originally scheduled for Tuesday will be moved to Wednesday, Dec. 10.

For today, Tuesday, Dec.9, STEM students will have a review day on a regular four block lecture schedule with shortened blocks. See below.

1st 9:30 – 10:03
2nd 10:05 – 10:37
3rd 10:39– 11:11
4th 11:13 – 11:45**


For today, Tuesday, Dec.9, AH students will have a review day with shortened blocks. See below

AH Exam Review Day  Schedule

1st(9:30 – 10:37)

Hum. II Theatre Review

Studio Acting I Rehearsal

Studio Art I & II



Hum. I Visual Art Review

Intro to Theater Review

Studio Acting II Rehearsal

Art History Review


*In the rare event that Augusta County Schools are operating on a one or two-hour delay but Staunton and/or Waynesboro are not, Staunton and Waynesboro students will coordinate their release time at SVGS based on their individual high school’s class schedule as needed.

**PLEASE NOTE tech buses will not run on a 2 hr. delay schedule. Students and parents are expected to make alternative arrangements for transportation back to the high school for those days.

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