What is happening at SVGS? – Visual Arts 2014-15


During the first semester in Survey of World Art, students discussed and evaluated the nature and purposes of art and what qualities they value in art.  They also studied things and events that inspired and influenced the work of various artists.  The students created their own pieces inspired by objects and music.  As they began delving into the history of art, the students started with the study of the very first intentionally created artworks known from the Paleolithic period. Students have studied these artforms from early civilizations in the Ancient Near East, India, and Africa.

A field trip to Washington, DC in September provided the opportunity for students to study the iconography of artwork from other cultures, such as China, India, and Japan at the Freer Gallery of Art.  They were also able to view exhibitions of art from Egypt and other African nations and an exhibition of underwater photography.  In the second semester, students will study more artforms from the Ancient World, including Egypt, Greece and Rome.  They will also learn about art of world cultures, such as Asian, South American, Mesoamerican, and Native American.  The semester will end with study of artwork of the Middle Ages.


Gabriela Gallego-Garcia Ginna KilbourneSTUDIO ART I

Studio Art I students created many projects in the first semester designed to strengthen their basic skills through drawing.  Exercises were done to enhance their ability to accurately render forms from observation.  The focus was on line work and creating variety and interest in a piece.  Students also studied the effects of light on objects and how to represent this through shading.  StuStudents also created projects based on themes.  These themes included their interpretations of a the concept of fear and a deity from a world culture. Currently the students are creating projects based on the concept of joy.  Students also had the opportunity to do onsite sketching and photography at the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia and on a field trip to Washington, DC in September, which included animal photography at the National Zoo and nighttime sketching of the memorials on the National Mall.  In the second semester, students will continue their skill work in drawing with more shading techniques and incorporating color into their work.  The focus will switch as the semester progresses to manipulation of the elements and principles of design in both two- dimensional and three-dimensional media.



Studio Art II students have done a variety of projects focusing on elements and principles of design.  These projects are open-ended and requiring the students to be creative in solving the problem.  This encourages the students to experiment with new ideas and find their own voices as artists.  These projects are designed to align with the requirements for the AP Studio Art portfolio.  These portfolio requirements also include the development of a concentration project.  This is a series of pieces based on a self-selected theme or concept.  The first part of the first semester is spent refining the idea for this project through the creation of initial projects and individual and group critiques. The seminar period and the first weeks of the second semester have been devoted to completion of pieces for their concentration project.  Students also created projects inspired by deities from world cultures.  In the second semester, students will continue to work on projects based on elements and principles of design as well as techniques in abstraction.  Color theory will be studied and will become a focus for these assigned projects.  Students will complete pieces for their concentration project for submission for the AP Studio Art portfolio due on May 7, 2015.



Crafts & Skills I & II

Arts and Humanities students study with various guest artists from the community to hone specialized skills. Each session will runs 6-8 weeks.

Students may have the opportunity to choose between two guest artists.


Sculptural Painting –Brecken Geiman

Oil Painting –Barbara Phillips

Black & White Photography – Lynn Hilton-Conyers

Monotype Printing – Dymphna De Wild



The deity project was in preparation for a student-selected themed exhibition currently on display at Woodrow Wilson Rehabilitation Center.  Class .

The students will also have several exhibition opportunities in the second semester.  The Annual SVGS Student Exhibition will be held in February at Shenandoah Valley Art Center in Waynesboro with opening night for the exhibit of Feb. 7. 


SVGS art students will Students also have their second exhibition at the Frontier Culture Museum of Virginia in March.  

In addition to these two exhibitions exclusively for SVGS, students also participate in the Youth Art Month show at the R.R. Smith Center in Staunton in March.

 Audrey Cook Crysta Bliss


Picture4 Picture5

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