WATCH AND VOTE NOW! Help SVGS Students Compete in JMU Physics Video Contest! We need you!

Each year, James Madison University hosts a Physics Video Contest. Part of the selection process is “popularity.” The judging will take place from now until April 20th, so we will need as many views as possible! Video links for videos by SVGS students are collected here. Please support your these students by giving them a view, and maybe a “thumbs up” here and there as you like them! There are some neat videos from other schools as well, and you can find those linked to the same YouTube channel.
The links have been numbered them in the order they were posted by the JMU YouTube page. Numbers 1, 4, 9, 11, and 12 are videos that were created as a result of the winter video editing seminar. The other videos involve physical science research projects that were taken to the JMU Science Fair earlier this year.
Many thanks to the students involved for their hard work. Thanks to Mr. Martin and Dr. Zhu for coordinating this activity.

1) Phyzards (Physics Wizards) and Snell’s Law – Haley Sanders and Clara Breeding (special guest appearance by Allison Mitchell):

2) The Effect of Temperature on the Denisty of Water – Brette Linkenhoker:
3) Heat Exchange Between Exposed Skin and Air – Allison Mitchell:
4) Ninja Physics – Paul Luong, Jack Frisbie, and Max D’Silva:

5) A Magnetic Solution for Oil Spills – Jack Frisbie:
6) Effects of Circuit Disconnection on LiFePO4 Batteries – Will Elkins:
7) Effect of Temperature on the Viscosity of Acrylic Paint – Alex Beelendorf:
8) Performance of Antifreeze Solutions on Different Concentrations – Nic Oversmith:
9) Fun with Physics: Soccer Edition – Parker Robson, Jared Moore, Jonathan Stanley:
10) Effect of Temperature on LiFePO4 Batteris – Parker Robson:
11) Physics with Thor – Olivia Heeb and Alex Maneval:
12) Yo Ho! Yo Ho! A Physics Life for Me! – Becca Straley, Hannah Frederick, and Taylor McNeal (special guest appearance by Eric Alanko):

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