SVGS Research and Engineering Journal 2014-15

Wyatt and OliviaWe are proud to present our first research and engineering journal!  Click here to view the 2014-15 SVGS Research and Engineering Journal! 

The purpose of this journal is to highlight selected scientific research and engineering design work of SVGS students. Students discover and put into practice research methods and engineering design and apply principles of the natural sciences and statistics in solving problems.

At SVGS, research and engineering experiences are the building blocks for developing critical minds, problem solving and innovative thought in the future scientists, engineers and professionals in any field. The skills learned through these experiences provide foundational work in asking good questions and designing solutions. This serves all students regardless of their future path.

All students in the STEM program must conduct an independent research or complete an engineering project during the first year.  This project is formally within the purview of the Scientific Research and Engineering courses.  However, students may choose a project in any area of science, math or engineering that is interesting, provided a SVGS faculty mentor and a community mentor can be found if the project falls outside in-house areas of expertise.

Students are required to present their projects at the Student Research Symposium held in the spring. Scientific research students are also required to submit their projects to the regional science fair or an equivalent venue, and if accepted, are required to attend the annual conference and/or competition.

In this journal, you will see original student work investigating questions in alternative energy, environmental management, biotechnology, engineering efficiency and other relevant topics. By learning to work with a few of their own ideas, we hope our students will always have many more ideas and that they face a today’s world of complex problems with increased confidence, persistence and skill.


Hydration Station 2

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