SVGS Month in Review: September, 2015 – EXPERIENCES and COMMUNITY


AP Environmental Science/ Visual Arts/Geospatial Information Systems:  Frontier Culture Musuem

AP Environmental Science students observedthe effects of invasive, introduced, and exotic species on biodiversity and see the results of genetic research with the American Chestnut to combat the invasive species Chestnut blight.

Visual Arts students traveled to the museum for photography and sketching onsite. Studio I focused on composition and line in their work, Studio II students focused on the elements and principles of design in their work, and art history students focused on looking for examples of vanitas still life set ups and folk art examples.

Geospatial Information Systems students gathered data and GPS coordinates for the development of a GIS map, determined the accuracy of GPS measurements within a given map and google maps, and learned how the structure and buildings correlate to the original location and time period of the farm.

AP Environmental Science: St. Mary’s Wilderness

The purpose of the this trip is to show students how a wilderness is managed differently from other public lands as part of a National Forest and why St. Mary’s had a problem with water and air pollution and evidence of the history of mining in this wilderness.  (Unfortunately due to a forest fire, one class was unable to visit St. Mary’s but explored White Rock Falls.)




There were lots of special visitors to SVGS during the month of September.


Academic Year Governor’s School Directors Meeting

SVGS hosted directors from 11 of the 19 Academic Year Governor’s School on Septmeber 14. Dr. Donna Poland, Specialist, Governor’s Schools & Gifted Education
Office of Mathematics and Governor’s Schools for Virginia Department of Education also attended.  Six other directors joined via conference call.  Topics included revised requirements for gifted endorsement for teachers and recommendations for changes on how Virginia’s Academic Year Governor’s Schools are funded from the state listed in the October 2014 report from Virginia’s Secretary of Education Office.


SVGS Steering Committee

The SVGS steering committee met on Setember 16.  Agenda items included a presentation of the SVGS strategic plan, review of school goals and  is compromised all three division superintendents, school board representatives and divsion instructional personnel.  Members of this year’s steerting committee are:

acsbFrom Augusta County Schools:

Dr. Eric Bond, Superintendent

Mrs. Tina Kiracofe, Director of Instruction

Mr. Tim Swortzel , School Board Member

scsFrom Staunton City Schools

Dr. Linda Reviea, Superintendent

Ms. Dori Walk, Director of Instruction

Mr. Jody Grogan, School Board Member

wcsFrom Waynesboro City Schools:

Dr. Jeff Cassell, Superintendent

TBA, Director of Student Services

Mrs. Shelly Laurenzo , School Board Member

SVGS High School Counselors’ Luncheon

On Septmeber 17,  SVGS hosted high school counselors and differntiation specialists from the seven area high schools.   Lisa Shifflett, Curriculum Supervisor for School Counseling for Augusta County Schools also attended.  Lunch was catered by the Valley Career Technical Center Culinary Arts program.  Agenda items included a review of SVGS courses, application procedures and expressing thanks for their work with students and the application process.

fortdefiancehs wm whs sd rhs bg re






College Admissions

On September 21, Mr. Russ Ingersoll, a college admissions counselor made a presentation regarding the revised SAT and the college application process for students and parents.

PSAC (Parent Support Advisory Council)

PSAC met on September 21 prior to Mr. Ingersoll’s presentation.  Click here to a draft of the meeting minutes.


The purpose of the outreach program is to provide area students in grades 4 -10 with activities in the arts and sciences that further develop their interests and inspire learning. Enrichment activities are related to core curriculum and incorporate technology or other advanced learning experiences not available for students in their own schools.

In Septmeber, SVGS hosted groups from the following schools:

Tuesday, September 15 Stuarts Draft Elementary
Stump Elementary
Wednesday, September 16 Shelburne Middle
Tuesday, September 22 William Perry Elementary
Berkeley Glenn Elementary
Tuesday, September 29 McSwain Elementary
Bessie Weller Elementary
SVGS student outreach assistants BGHS: Anna Cahill
BGHS: Rachel Dixon
RELHS: Austin Rehfield
RHS: Hailey Gurkin
SDHS: Katerina Campbell
WMHS: Natalie Bono
WMHS: Caitlin Snook
WMHS: Allison Mitchell
WMHS: Emily Thompson
WHS: Mackenzie Carter
WHS: Hailey White

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