SVGS Month in Review: October & November, 2015 – EXPERIENCES and COMMUNITY


Electric Vehicle Team:  

The Electric Vehicle Team participated in the North Hampton Electric Automobile Team event at NCCAR near Roanoke Rapids, NC.  Even with its heavy lead-acid batteries, the Porsche performed well in the hands of some rookie drivers. The new BMS (Battery Management System) was installed in the Datsun along with the loaner battery pack from the “Dixie Chopper” along with 12 additional Lithium cells. We have several new members and big plans for the rest of the year.

NEAT 15 - SVGS teamNEAT 15 - Having Fun

Robotics Team:

Team 3361 hit the ground running for the 2015 pre-build-season. One of the overarching goals for the team was the improve the scope of our STEM outreach and reach out to more potential sponsors and mentors. In September, Haley Sanders and Erin Fosnocht, the two captains, as well as Mr. Martin, visited Innovative Refrigeration Systems in Lyndhurst, VA to present the robot to a group of enginners. Innovative had expressed interest in sponsoring the team and invited us to return in order to gain new mentors. The presentation was a huge sucess. Within a week, we had five potential mentors with varied skill sets and connections that will be a great help to the team in the coming year.

On October 7th, Haley and Erin presented the robot to the Staunton-Augusta Rotary Club. Again, the outpouring of support was impressive. Not only were we able to meet the Superintendent of Augusta County schools, but also experienced the impact that robotics can have on the community and the willingness of the community to help our team.

On October 10th, Erin, new team member Anthony, and our new college student-mentor, Tom, attended ShareFair Nation at Bridgewater College with the robot. We were not able to fully attach our new gearbox covers to the previous season’s robot, but made the most of it by turning our exhibit into a working robot shop for the morning. By lunchtime, we had the pneumatic lift system up and running, which greatly impressed the ShareFair attendees. It was a wonderful opportunity to see other STEM outreach groups in action and gain visibility for the team.

On November 21st, Team 3361 took the robot to a local FIRST Lego League tournament. By then, the new gearbox covers were attached and the pneumatic lift fully functioning. We had a wonderful time driving the robot around the school and demonstrating it to the FLL teams. The kids were amazed by how big it was! At the closing ceremonies, we presented our team and robot and did Team 3361’s first true demo, where we had the robot drive around and tested its range. The day was a huge success, as was our concession stand. Team 3361 is growning stronger and excited for the new season.


3361 Drivetrain assembly IMG_0382


There were lots of special visitors to SVGS during the month of September.

International Exchange: ROMANIA – 

Twelve Romanian students and their teachers came to visit the second week in October.  They began in DC where their hosts met them and toured the Air and Space Museum before heading to the outlet malls and lunch.  They got to tour downtown Staunton including Sunspots and the Woodrow Wilson House, visit Luray caverns and the New Market battlefield.  They also saw Monticello and visited UVA.  Some even went to homecoming at the home school of their hosts.  The host families did a wonderful job and we really appreciate their sharing of the American culture. Host student students and their families were:

12 Maddie Allen WHS
11 Peyton Ayers SDHS
12 Kerith Fern WMHS
12 Kerith Fern WMHS
11 Mariah Hoy SDHS
12 Ginna Kilbourne LEE
12 Taylor McNeal BGHS
12 Mariah Hoy SDHS
12 Courtney Ott WMHS
11 Lucy Paiste WHS
11 Patrick Paiste WHS
11 Caitlin Snook WMHS

Bonfire 1 Funny Hoco Wright's 2




The purpose of the outreach program is to provide area students in grades 4 -10 with activities in the arts and sciences that further develop their interests and inspire learning. Enrichment activities are related to core curriculum and incorporate technology or other advanced learning experiences not available for students in their own schools.

In October and November, SVGS hosted groups from the following schools:

Tuesday, October 06 Cassell Elementary
Ware Elementary
Tuesday, October 06 SPEND A DAY – STEM   RELHS
Wednesday, October 07 Beverley Manor Middle
Friday, October 09 SPEND A DAY – STEM  FDHS
Tuesday, October 13 Churchville Elementary
Riverheads Elementary
Wednesday, October 14 Shelburne Middle
Tuesday, October 20 North River Elementary
Wilson Elementary
Tuesday, October 20 SPEND A DAY – STEM   RHS
Wednesday, October 21 Beverley Manor Middle
Tuesday, October 27 Clymore Elementary
Craigsville Elementary
Tuesday, October 27 SPEND A DAY – STEM  BGHS
Wednesday, October 28 Beverley Manor Middle
Friday, October 30 SPEND A DAY – STEM   WMHS
Monday, November 02 SPEND A DAY – STEM
Wednesday, November 04 SPEND A DAY – AH
Thursday, November 05 Shelburne Middle
Friday, November 06 SPEND A DAY – STEM
Tuesday, November 10 Westwood Elementary
Wenonah Elementary
Tuesday, November 10 SPEND A DAY – STEM
Wednesday, November 11 Stuarts Draft Middle
Tuesday, November 17 Verona Elementary
Beverley Manor Elementary
Tuesday, November 17 SPEND A DAY – STEM
Wednesday, November 18 SPEND A DAY – AH
Friday, November 20 SPEND A DAY – STEM
Tuesday, November 24 SPEND A DAY – STEM
Tuesday, December 01 Wilson Elementary  5th Grade ONLY
Wednesday, December 02 SPEND A DAY – AH
Thursday, December 03 Stuarts Draft Middle
Friday, December 04 SPEND A DAY – STEM
SVGS student outreach assistants BGHS: Anna Cahill
BGHS: Morgan Lyle
FDHS: Hunter Smith
FDHS: Maya Simmons
FDHS: Sam Harlow
RHS: Sarah Kay Biser
RHS: Sierra Harwley
WHS: Grace Belcher
WHS: Savannah Lunger
WMHS: Allison Mitchell
WMHS: Bo Branham
WMHS: Caitlin Snook
WMHS: Kennedy Eakin
WMHS: Michael Daley

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