SVGS Robotics and Cadence, Inc.

Several members of the SVGS Robotics team talked with a number of practicing engineers from Cadence about their profession and the problem solving required in manufacturing process.  Brian Bailey and Jeff Glass,  mechanical engineers at Cadence(both SVGS alum!) and another engineer gave students a tour of Cadence and talked extensively about the science, engineering and technology involved in manufacturing.

SVGS Robotics Team members  provided a presentation and robotics demonstration to Cadence employees.  SVGS Robotics team members presenting were: Nathaniel Shields, FDHS, Tucker Stott, R.E. Lee HS, Erin Fosnocht, Haley Sanders and Lucy Weidner, WMHS.  Chris Martin, SVGS Physics teacher and robotics coach assisted.

The SVGS Robotics Team enjoyed the unique opportunity to talk with engineering professionals.  Additionally, SVGS  gratefully acknowledges a generous donation of $2,500 from the Cadence, Inc. Community Giving Program.

SVGS is very appreciative of this latest demonstration of our continued relationship with Cadence, Inc.


IMG_0239 IMG_0243

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