Thank you for your recent support regarding state funding of Academic Year Governor’s Schools and House Budget Amendment 139#13h.  Your efforts helped; the previous language in 139#13h directing most funds to a minority of Governor’s Schools has been removed.  

However, we continue to need your assistance.  We are now concerned with the current, House Committee Approved, language, of 139#13h.  Currently, Budget Amendment 139#13h  strikes (eliminates)  the funds designated in Governor McAuliffe’s budget for increasing resources for all 19 Academic Year Governor’s Schools. 

Today, all 19 Academic Year Governor’s School Directors met and have put forth the following statement:“Academic Year Governor’s School Directors unanimously support current appropriations as set forth by Governor McAuliffe’s budget released in December 2015, regarding the VDOE decision package including its distribution for FY2017, and recommend it be reviewed by the VDOE during FY2017 for potential adjustment in FY2018.”

We hope that with a now united front, the House budget conferees will align with the Senate in maintaining the funds designated by Governor McAuliffe in his December 2015 Budget.

Therefore, we would like to request that you confirm support for the unanimous Directors’ statement with our House delegates.
If you choose to act, please do so promptly! To make an impact, contact needs to occur this week (Posted 2/29).  However, I encourage you to communicate with your legislators at anytime to express your concerns or commendations. Please see below for more information and what you can do.

As always, we are grateful for the support of Delegate Landes, Delegate Bell, Delegate Cline and Senator Hanger and their extensive work and commitment to K-12 education in Virginia.  We are appreciative for the time and effort from our legislators and their office regarding this issue knowing that it is a small drop in a very large bucket of many considerations.

**Hanger, Emmett (Senate Finance Chairman) (Budget Conferee)
**Landes, Steve (House Education Chairman)  (Budget Conferee)
Bell, Dickie (House Education Committee)
Cline, Ben

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