SVGS Holiday Brunch – Dec. 14

img_1141Thank you all to SVGS parents for their wonderful contributions to  our annual winter brunch for students!  A special thanks to the Parent  Support and Advisory Council for their coordination of this morning’s feast and those who helped set up and clean up.  There were many happy and well deserving students who enjoyed a special morning!

These students have worked extremely hard this first semester and I appreciate you providing an opportunity for them to celebrate their accomplishments and enjoy time with each other.

 As we eagerly anticipate the upcoming holiday break, we are grateful to our dedicated SVGS community -students, parents, staff, mentors-for their strong commitment to learning and growing together.  That is what makes SVGS a special place!

 In this spirit, we wish everyone a wonderful holiday break and hope everyone will enjoy family and friends, relax, have fun and stay healthy and safe.



img_1173 img_1157 img_1156 img_1151 img_1142

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