SVGS Alumni – Where are you?

Our alumni are a very valuable part of the SVGS community and we hope to reconnect and reengage our alumni.  To do so, we are initiating two activities.

The first is to establish an SVGS Alumni Database.  The SVGS Alumni database is designed to facilitate communication among alumni and current students for educational or professional purposes.  SVGS alumni will not be contacted for commercial or political purposes and contact information will not be shared with people outside of the SVGS  community (i.e. former students, teachers, current students).  Please click here to provide an alumni profile for the database.

The second is a SVGS Alumni Survey.  The purpose is to gain an understanding of your current education and employment and to assess the level of preparation you received at SVGS for your chosen education and profession.  For current students looking ahead but unsure as to their future direction, you are a powerful and tangible example of real people doing real things.

Please click here to complete the alumni survey.

We miss you and look forward to hearing what you are doing now and where you are!  We hope to hear from you soon!  Please post or forward to other alums.

As an FYI, SVGS has been a unique community of learners since 1993 and  will celebrate its 25th anniversary in 2018.

class of 2016 IMG_6605revised

SVGS students participate in Legislative Day at the Virginia Capitol February, 2013.

TAselfie Students at Invista CIMG3490 IMG_0074


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