SVGS Alums Returns!

SVGS has been blessed to have been visited many alumni over the winter break and we always look forward to seeing our alums!  If you are an SVGS alum,  please drop by when you are in the area and let us know what you are up to!

On Januay 5, SVGS alum and current UVA senior, Keziah Knopp spoke to current SVGS students about her major, college experience an future plans.  This was a great opportunity for students to ask questions about computer science engineering, navigating to  get the most from the college experience, and to see the steps of transitioning from high school to college to the professional world.

As an FYI, Keziah’s major is Computer Engineering, which is the combination of software and hardware engineering. Over the last three and a half years, she has written code for games, built circuits on breadboards, and programmed robots. The last two summers, she interned with a Department of Defense contractor, and developed a weapons communication system in software.  Her UVA senior capstone project was an Automatic Scrabble Player, and she is currently working with her peers to publish a technical paper for their project.  She is a teaching assistant for an embedded computing systems class where students get to program micro-controllers. Outside of engineering, she is a director of the Blueprint Emerging Leaders Program engaging in the larger UVA community.  Keziah has already taken a post-graduation job with IBM as a technical sales specialist where she will be talking to people about and modifying the technical products and specifications that IBM has to offer.

As an alum, if you would be interested in speaking to students regarding your experiences and path to get there, please email Lee Ann Whitesell,

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