Cyber Security Students Compete in Contests

The Network Security class is continuing its participation in online contests.










In the first round, SVGS had one team place in the GOLD Tier and 2 teams place in the PLATIUM tier out of over 6300 teams competing across the nation.   ​​Teams will compete again in January and February.  All rounds of the national competition in CyberPatriot, with the exception of the National Finals Competition, take place online. Teams must complete all their work during one (1)  six consecutive-hour period on the Friday, Saturday, or Sunday of these competition windows. View this instructional video  to see how it works.

  • Extract : In the morning of the Friday of the competition weekend, teams receive an email with the password to extract the virtual machine images from their downloads. After doing so, they can load the images in VMware Player and begin competing.
  • Identify : When the images are opened, teams are prompted to enter a Team ID. This is a twelve-digit alphanumeric code that is assigned to teams and posted on their Coach’s Dashboard which is found on the CyberPatriot website.
  • FixThe goal of every CyberPatriot competition is to find and fix vulnerabilities in their images. These images range from simple (e.g. giving users strong passwords) to much more complex. Some rounds also include networking challenges in the form of quizzes and Cisco Packet Tracer activities. Teams can also gain points by answering questions about their actions on the image.
  • Score :   When teams fix a vulnerability that is being checked, they receive points. If they take an action that makes a system less secure, they lose points. Teams can also gain points by answering forensics questions about actions they took to solve their vulnerabilities. Teams can check their progress on their score report page.

Teams must open and compete on the Cisco Networking Quiz and Packet Tracer exercise for the round. The Cisco NetAcad Content (training) Course will cover the subject matter used for the quiz and exercise.



In between rounds of the Cyber Patriots contest, the class competed in the practice round of Radford University’s RUSecure capture the flag contest (  The teams found all the Linux and Networking flags, along with most of the web reconnaissance/social engineering flags. This contest challenged students in a wide variety of topic areas including anatomy of an attack, an introduction to networking, cryptography, forensics, web security, and Windows/Linux security.

The SVGS team “The Internet Explorers” with Ben Rochford, Nathan Harris, Luke Gaines, Cameron Gates, and Josh Weaver placed 16th out of 160 teams

The “Whatever Works” team with Julian Wilson, Isaac Coffey, Noah Robeck, Nick Kanode, and Max Jones placed 30thSee the final results (  Many of the teams were community colleges.  The competition round of the RUSecure CTF will be in March.

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