SVGS Math Modeling Team Competes

A special acknowledgement to the students who participated in the Mathworks Math Modeling (M3) Challenge on March 1!  These students worked for over ten consecutive hours integrating technology and mathematics to develop solutions to real world problems! 

Team 1 – Jon Henriques, Carter Koehn, Alex Plonsky, Max Elkins

Team 2 – Louisa Esteban, Hugh Shields, Julian Wilson, Seth Spire, Sam Brown

The Mathworks Math Modeling (M3) Challenge. is a mathematical modeling contest for high school juniors and seniors.  Students worked on a real-life, open-ended problem for 14 consecutive hours.  They competed against nearly 5,200 high school students (1,174 teams) throughout the United States and submitted their papers to 150+ Ph.D. level judges for a chance to win scholarship money.

This contest gives students the unique opportunity to work on a real problem using each of the team member’s individual math toolkits, as well as problem solving and critical thinking. Teams are presented with a previously unknown problem scenario, and work together, using the math modeling process to represent, analyze, make predictions and otherwise provide insight into that real-world phenomena. Additional prizes are available for teams who opt to use technical computing as part of their solution.

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