PSAC 2019-20 Fundraising Campaign

Each year, the PSAC (Parent Support and Advisory Council) invites all SVGS parents and supporters to participate in only ONE major fund-raising campaign – this letter.  In 2019-2020, SVGS grew to 233 students, providing academic excellence for 20% more young people in our community than it did ten years ago. State and local funding is very limited for SVGS, and in order to support this unparalleled educational opportunity for our local students, we urge you to make a financial contribution.

SVGS students are dedicated to learning, growing and excelling. We are so fortunate that our community has the opportunities provided by SVGS.  With enough support, student experiences such as humanities fieldtrips, virtual reality sets, 3-D printers, student conferences and more can become a reality. Please support the school and the efforts of staff and students by making a donation today.

Your contrition is an investment in the future of the Governor’s School. You may send it to the SVGS address above, drop it by the office, or send it in with your student.  (Checks should be made payable to SVGS/VCTC.)

On-line donations may also be made to the SVGS Director’s Fund through the Community Foundation.   Click here to donate to the SVGS Director’s Fund.  In the dropdown “apply My Donation to”, please select other and email to direct the Commmunity Foundation to apply your donation to the SVGS Director’s Fund.

We would greatly appreciate your TAX-DEDUCTIBLE contribution by December 31, 2019. Thank you!

In 2018-2019, the PSAC raised over $8,000. The money was used to fund $2,381 in financial aid for students in DE and AP classes, to procure end-of-year awards and plaques, and to provide SVGS with a variety of much-needed equipment. Among the items purchased were a new audio-visual presentation and display system for the entire organization, cell phone charging stations, and portable mirrors for dance and theater.

Please consider making a donation to continue the tradition of excellence at SVGS. Contributions typically range from $10.00 to $2,000.00, and a donation of ANY size is very much appreciated. Our goal for 2019-2020 is to raise $10,000 with 100% participation of our parents.

What does a contribution of $25 do?

  • Provides art supplies for one student.
  • Purchases makeup sponges for the entire theatre department.
  • Provides materials for one  lab experience.


What does a contribution of $250 do?

  • Purchases digital sensors to collect data for science labs and research projects.
  • Purchases microphones for the theater department.
  • Purchases bacterial cultures and petri plates for the Molecular Biology class.

What does a contribution of $1,000 do?

  • Purchases the materials for a much-needed storage shed.
  • Provides a guest artist series for the art/theatre departments or visiting scholar lectures in the humanities.
  • Purchases infrared sensors for drones.
  • Sincerely,



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