Updates and Continuity of Learning Plan for Remainder of 2019-20

April 1, 2020

Dear SVGS Students and Families,

As we continue our journey together through unprecedented times, I wanted to update you on plans to help students successfully complete the school year. Please be reassured this plan was created with the understanding that:
• we cannot replicate our classroom learning experience,
• our students and staff may face challenges learning and teaching in the new situation we now find ourselves,
• mental and physical wellness are as important as intellectual growth, and
• we will continue to work with students, families and staff to prepare our students for their next steps.

Click here for the document with specific details regarding access, continuity of learning, grading, Advanced Placement classes, dual enrollment coursework and completing the school year.

Please read the document carefully and completely as there are now some different options regarding grading, AP, and dual enrollment.

The complexity of a world-wide pandemic may often requires individualized solutions. Please contact me if you have additional questions, I can assist you in navigating all the information you are receiving, or you are need of resources.

Most importantly, please continue to follow the guidance of national, state, and local health officials.

Stay home if you can, stay safe, stay well, and stay in touch. We are here to support you and your family.


Lee Ann Whitesell, Ed. D.



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