SVGS Class Awards and Senior Achievement Awards 2019-20

We always provide this opportunity at the end of the school year to reflect, to express gratitude, and to celebrate the hard work and accomplishments of our students and staff.  While we were not able to do that in person this year, we do wish to acknowledge those recognized.

CLASS AWARDS are given to recognize outstanding achievement in coursework.   We are blessed to have so many positive, hard working and wonderful students. Students recognized here have exhibited high achievement, a consistently strong interest in the academic area, and contributed positively to class through participation or by example.

Best Acting I Student Addy Obaugh RHS
Best AP  Calculus Student Henry Fosnocht WMHS
Best Calculus Student Hannah Dodson BGHS
Best Engineering I Student Camille Sanders WMHS
Best Humanities I Student Claire Aaslestad SHS
Best Intro to CS Gisi Martinez-Campa FDHS
Best Introduction to Theater Student Trinity Walker SHS
Best Physics Student Jenna Senger FDHS
Best Precalculus Student Emily Lang FDHS
Best Psychology Belle Garber FDHS
Best Research Student Ella Thomasson WMHS
Best Western Culture Alex Candelier WHS
Best Acting II Student Cassidy Lam FDHS
Best Adv. Calculus Student Hugh Shields FDHS
Best Advanced Technology Student Caleb King SHS
Best AP  Computer Science Student Joe Kearney WHS
Best AP Chemistry Joseph Kauffman BGHS
Best AP Environmental Science Student Jakob Kauffman BGHS
Best Communications Student Rachel Apple WMHS
Best Cyber Security Brandon Bauer WMHS
Best Discrete Math Paige Crawford FDHS
Best Drama Theory and Criticism Student Miriam Gildea WHS
Best Engineering II Student Alex Callo SDHS
Best Environmental Chemistry Student Celeste Willetts WMHS
Best GIS Student Josh Eckert SDHS
Best Humanities II Student Thomas Jordan WMHS
Best Math Modeling Hugh Shields FDHS
Best Modern Physics Alex Plonsky FDHS
Best Molecular Biology Student Maggie Trainum FDHS
Best Robotics Team Member Alex Callo SDHS
Best Sociology Student Pearce Cabell WHS
Best  Statistics Student Haley Tenney SHS
Best Studio Art  Student Hannah Diment BGHS

In 2014, our strategic planning teams of community members and staff identified nine skills as critical to life-long learning and performance in any academic discipline and profession.  These skills are cultivated through exceptional learning experiences at SVGS.  This evening, we would like to recognize those seniors who we believe best exemplify each skill in all academic areas.

ACHIEVEMENT AWARDS are given to seniors who best represent exemplary achievement in each area.  We thank the Parent Support Advisory Council awards for providing monetary awards with this recognition.

Intellectual Curiosity Annika Fisher BGHS
Intellectual Independence Paige Crawford FDHS
Persistence and Perserverance Anthony Riedl SHS
Critical Analysis and Reflection Abby Tenney SHS
Problem Solving Luca Campbell WMHS
Digital Literacy Ijahmin Balser SDHS
Leadership and Collaboration Tiernan Rhodes SDHS
Communication Alice Cormier SHS
Social and Ethical Responsibility Rachel Apple WMHS
Senior Capstone Annika Fisher BGHS
Senior Capstone April Harper SHS
Senior Capstone Miriam Gildea WHS
Senior Capstone Carter Koehn, SHS
Senior Capstone Garret Mongold WMHS
Senior Capstone Taode Ogden VSDB
Senior Capstone Paige Smith WHS
Senior Capstone Sophie Vandevander SHS
Senior Capstone Madison Walton RHS
Senior Capstone Noah Warlitner FDHS


Art Achievement Award Vali Dorries FDHS
Humanities Achievement Award Thomas Jordan WMHS
Mathematics Achievement Award Hugh Shields FDHS
Science Achievement Award Tabby McClung WMHS
Technology Achievement Award Carter Koehn SHS
Theatre Achievement Award Grace Daughtrey SHS

The OVERALL ACHIEVEMENT AWARD is given to a high achieving senior who has made the most of all the opportunities available to them at SVGS.

Overall Achievement Award AH Cassidy Lam FDHS
Overall Achievement Award STEM Brandon Bauer WMHS
Overall Achievement Award STEM Hugh Shields FDHS

The DIRECTORS AWARD is given to a high achieving senior who has best represented SVGS through example in achievement, leadership and service.

This student has taken advantage of every opportunity and been actively involved in all aspects of SVGS, has always responded with a smile when asked to take on various roles or tasks and has represented SVGS with integrity and excellence in all respects.

The Director’s Award is awarded to Emily Hamrick, RHS.


Each year, students, parents and staff recognize one individual as the SVGS TEACHER OF THE YEAR.

In the words of a students, parents, and colleagues: “Mrs. Maxton-Whitacre is an excellent candidate because she goes above and beyond to help her students both in the classroom and in life. She consistently delivers a high-quality SVGS theatrical production. This year’s Hello Girls was one of the best student performances ever as quoted by several parents, family, and community guests that attended. It ‘wowed’ everyone and much of that is due to Ms Whitacre’s efforts and encouragement of all her students. She also works tirelessly for students’ benefit and is a wonderful director and mentor.

Please join me in congratulating CASSY MAXTON-WHITACRE  as SVGS’s 2020 Teacher of the Year.

It is with very mixed emotion that we recognize and thank Mrs. Jenni Campbell  who will be moving into different phase of her life.  This year, we were very fortunate to coax Jenni Campbell out of retirement to join us this year and teach Pre-Calculus.  In only a short time, Mrs. Campbell’s warm smile, devotion to her students, hard work, and commitment to her craft were inspirational.  The consummate professional, we are grateful to Mrs. Campbell for her service this year.   Please join me in congratulating Mrs. Campbell and wish her well as she opts to rediscover the joys of retirement.

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