Summer Workshops in STEM at UVA – 2020 Summer Circle Project

In the midst of cancelled summer camps and activities for K-12 students during the summer, the UVA Center for Diversity in Engineering created a program called the Circle Project, where UVA Engineering students teach virtual 1-2 week classes (15 hrs a week) to students about a variety of topics relating to science, math, and engineering. Classes cost $120/week.

Please see link below for offerings and registration for all grades K-12.

A Engineering students offer to teach a wide range of topics for kids of grades 1 – 12 including:

  • Physics of flight, collisions, amusement parks, time travel, and superheroes
  • Forensics and crime investigation
  • ​Coding for gamers 101, website design
  • Game theory, the math behind decision making, geometry, origami and solving the Rubik’s cube
  • Basics of the economy and business planning: create your lemonade stand
  • Engineering design process
  • The Human Body: A Feat of Engineering
  • Engineering our immune system
  • The Science and chemistry of food, fermentation, cooking
  • The Earth and sustainability
  • Science and ethics of infectious diseases


Sydney Henriques, UVA Biomedical Engineering, Class of 2021 – “Stop the Contagion: an Introduction to Infectious Diseases
Grade Level 9 – 11 | One Week Course | Weekly Offerings 6/29 – 7/3, 7/13 – 7/17, 7/20 – 7/24, 7/27 – 7/31, 8/3 – 8/7, 8/10 – 8/14
Learn all about infectious diseases! Starting with how they infect us to how we fight them off, this course offers insight in how infectious diseases affect our bodies and how they affect the laws of the world! Come join us for a week long intro course that invovles both science and ethics!

Bess Woods, UVA Engineering  – “Let’s Get Physical”
Grade Level 7 – 8 | One Week Course | Weekly Offerings 6/29 – 7/3, 7/6 – 7/10, 7/13 – 7/17, 7/20 – 7/24, 7/27 – 7/31, 8/3 – 8/7, 8/10 – 8/14
This course will explore the motions and physics that our bodies do for various sports. Each day we will explore a new sport, the common movements that our muscles and bones do and injuries related to that sport.


See below for more information related to this program!

2020 Summer Circle Project



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