SVGS 2 HR Delay – Wed. Feb. 3

SVGS will be on a two-hour delay, Wednesday, February 3.  

Students should report no later than 9:40 to SVGS.

 Staff should report no later than 8:45.

See schedule for a 2hr delay below.

T- F
1st      9:40 – 10:20
2nd   10:23 – 11:03
3rd   11:06– 11:45 

Students will have a staggered release based on the return and travel time for their homeschool beginning at 11:45.

*In the rare event that Augusta County Schools is operating on a two-hour delay but Staunton and/or Waynesboro are not, Staunton and Waynesboro students will coordinate their release time at SVGS based on their individual high school’s class schedule as needed.

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