Application for SCIENCES 2021-22

Applications for the 2021-22 school year will be available Dec. 5, 2020.  The deadline to submit SVGS applications  for 2021-22 is February 20, 2021.

Links to on-line applications are shown below.  To open an application, click on the on-line application links below for the program to which you are applying.

2021-22 Application for Sciences (Science, Mathematics, Technology & Engineering)

 Example Application for the Sciences Program

The student application packet includes several components shown below:
¨ Student Application Form
¨ Activities Sheet
¨ SVGS assessment scores, GPA, Strength of Transcript
¨ Two Teacher Recommendations (1 Math teacher and 1 Science teacher)
¨ One Counselor Recommendation
¨ School Recommendation

*All Sciences applicants would take the SVGS Math and Science assessment.  The assessment would include – 1 math section – 40 minutes, 20 questions and 1 science section – 50 minutes, 25 questions.  This would be timed.  The assessment would be given at the student’s home school in February and would be available on-line for students as necessary.

              *Sample Questions for Math Assessment

NOTE: You may apply to both the Arts & Humanities program and Sciences program. You would need to complete a separate application for each. BE AWARE, if you are accepted to both, you will be offered admissions to the program in which you ranked the highest at the discretion of the school division.

The application will ask you to provide demographic information, overview of your extracurricular activities and contact information for your teachers from whom you are requesting recommendations, your counselor and principal.  All portions of the application will be submitted online.  A complete application consists of various components some of which have will be completed by your parents, teachers, counselor and principal.


  • All applications must be submitted on-line. 
  • Please work with your counselor if technology access is an issue.
  • Since notifications and requests for recommendations are sent electronically, it is essential to provide correct email and contact information.  If you have questions or concerns regarding email information, please consult with your counselor.
  • You may begin an application and return to finish.  A link to access the application will be sent the student email address listed on the application.  You must list an email for student email to save the application.
  • You may print a copy of your application for your records.


Once we receive the student-submitted portions of your application, the steps of the application process are as follows:

  1. The student submits application.
  2. The student receives confirmation notice their application was received.
  3. Parents are notified of their student’s application and are requested to submit their approval electronically. A link to the student’s application will be sent to parent’s email provided.
  4. Teachers (chosen by students to submit recommendations) and the student’s counselor will receive forms via email. They will submit their recommendations electronically
  5. The student’s principal will receive notice of the student’s completed application and will verify the student is in good standing by submitting their electronic signature.
  6. The completed application is forwarded to school division personnel for consideration.

Questions?  Please contact Dr. Whitesell, Director at or 540-245-5088.

Applications for students are forwarded to a designated Central Office person for each school division.  Applications are reviewed by the school division.  A selection committee from each school division recommends students for placement, for a waiting-list, or non-placement.  The application rubric for each program is shown below.

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