Information for 2018-19

SVGS Important Information for Students


July 5   Back to School Information and Tuition Invoice Mailed

Please click here for more information on fees and tuition.

All students need to complete SVGS forms. Please click here for to access on-line forms.

July 20   SVGS Service Day

SVGS is need of some volunteers in putting technology in classrooms back together and setting up student work areas and classrooms.  You would be plugging in computers, monitors and checking computers functionality, moving tables and chairs, assisting teachers in getting their classroom ready and helping to organize storage areas.   We will have a SVGS work day on Friday, July 20 from 8am- 12pm and hope those available then will volunteer and join us.

To help in planning, to make the most efficient use of everyone’s time, and get the most accomplished, please complete the form found at this link:

This is a great opportunity for the SVGS community to work together, for returning students to reconnect with their SVGS classmates, for new students to get familiar with SVGS facility, technology and staff.  Volunteer hours typically count as school service hours if needed.  Thank you for your consideration.


Teachers will provide workshops using various technologies (i.e. Photoshop, programming, robotics, biotechnology, etc.) and opportunities available at SVGS to expose students to the tools they will use to solve problems as students.  More information on specific workshops will be available in July.  New students are highly encourage to attend to become familiar with staff, other new students, facilities, and technology.  This is not mandatory but is encouraged as a fun way for students to start at SVGS.  Workshops will be held from 8:30 -11:00 a.m. July 31, August 1 & 2.

August 6 -7 – ORIENTATION* (* Mandatory for all new students)

Dates and times for SVGS new student orientation are as follows:

Monday, August 6 8:30 – 3:00    Lunch will be provided
Tuesday, August 7 7:40 – 10:52 Students will return to their high schools forlunch and regular afternoon classes

 August 8          1st Day of school for all SVGS students

August 16       Back to School Picnic*    6:30 pm  – 7:30 pm at SVGS  (* Bring a covered dish.  Meats and drinks provided.)

The “Back to School” Picnic is an opportunity for students, parents and staff to interact.  Classrooms will be open for parents to visit and staff will be available to answer any questions regarding their classes.

August 20      PSAC (Parent Support Advisory Council) Meeting 5:30 -6:30 p.m. at SVGS

We are excited to welcome you to SVGS for 2018-19.  You have worked hard for this opportunity and have been selected to become a valued part of a unique educational environment. Congratulations to you!

We welcome you as the next class of talented individuals who will continue the traditions of excellence and the culture of achievement at SVGS.  You will create the community in which you will live, learn and work in for the next two years.  At SVGS, we build a new community of learners with each new class.  A community of learners is defined as a group of people who share values and beliefs and who actively engage in learning from one another.  Students and teachers are actively learning together.  Connected.  Cooperative.  Supportive.

We provide a challenging environment for learning in the arts and sciences,  to provide practical and professional opportunities for building skills and knowledge necessary for success here, in college, and through life.  At SVGS, students are asked to demonstrate their abilities and talents in different ways and to become effective independent learners and thinkers. We help students understand and appreciate their ability to positively affect the world as the leaders, thinkers and creators of the next generation. This is our responsibility to you.

In every community it takes work to make it great. Collectively, you have the power and talent to do so and that is what we expect.  Be responsible to yourself by respecting and trusting your abilities. Take responsibility for your own learning.  Set ambitious but realistic goals for yourself.  Don’t undersell or overextend yourself.

You benefit from being recognized in the community and colleges as being a governor school student only because of the legacy, work and service of those students before you. It is your responsibility to continue that tradition.

We appreciate students’ accomplishments as evidence of what they have done but challenge them to gain new skills and to understand their potential for what they can and will accomplish in the future.



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