SVGS offers programs to gifted and talented students and their teachers in grades 4 through 8.  Teachers in all grade levels are invited to participate in professional development workshops.

Twelve full-time and several part-time adjunct instructors work with the students and teachers. SVGS students frequently assist the teachers, and occasionally develop and teach outreach activities as part of their SVGS classes or service. A full-time Director administers the school.  A full-time secretary manages the office and supports the staff and students.


SVGS Outreach supports the Gifted and Talented Program in all divisions with thematic activities for grades 4 through 8. TAG coordinators or Guidance Counselors may schedule visits for their TAG students, including those in the “talent development pool” by contacting the director or secretary.

Especially for Teachers

Workshops for teachers focus on the use of technology to enhance instruction.  Administrators and teachers are also welcome to reserve our computer clusters for their own professional development programs. SVGS also lends equipment to teachers after they have received training in its use.


Most SVGS Outreach activities take place in the afternoon, after the high school students’ departure.  The usual “window” for activities is 12:30 through after-school hours, depending on location and needs of the program.

SVGS is open two nights a week for student, teacher and community use until 7:30 p.m.


Queries about the types and format of programs should be e-mailed to the Director.

Once a program topic and format have been decided, the programs can be scheduled by calling the Director (Lee Ann Whitesell) or Secretary (Debbie Conner) at 245-5088.

Requests for professional development workshops should be made of the Director by e-mail or phone.  Reservations for the use of our lab facilities (without need of a SVGS staff member for instruction or assistance) may be made with the Secretary.

In some instances, visits to SVGS can be coordinated with visits to VVTC programs.  This arrangement can provide a wider range of experiences for all of your students or be used to differentiate for students with different needs and skills.

Our calendar fills up fast, so schedule early!

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