Student Progress Reports

Progress reports representing the first three weeks of student work were sent Tuesday, 9/10.  All students received a progress report for each class.  Please contact your student’s teacher if you have questions.  If you have specific concerns, please contact Lee Ann Whitesell, or 245-5088.

Grades in each subject are estimated and made available through progress reports as required by Augusta County School Board policy.  At three week intervals, students will be issued a progress report. Depending on the school attended, the progress report may include the final grade for the period.  (For example, from the beginning of the school year, at three weeks, all students receive “progress reports;” at six weeks, Augusta County students receive a “progress report” that includes their first marking period grade; at nine weeks, the “progress report” includes final marking period grades for all Staunton and Waynesboro City students.)

Students should check the report and verify the points.  If there appears to be a discrepancy, it should be discussed immediately with the teacher(s) responsible for that grade.  These reports are distributed in students’ through email if performance is satisfactory. Students are responsible for sharing their progress reports with parents and parents should ask to see them. Dates for distribution of progress reports are included in the Calendar on the schools’ web site.  “Satisfactory” for new students is a grade of “A” or “B”; unsatisfactory, a “C” or below.  For returning students, “satisfactory” is a grade of “C” or above; unsatisfactory, anything below a “C”. If performance is NOT satisfactory, the progress report will be emailed to the student’s home.

Students may ask their teachers to view their grades at any time.  Students should check their grades periodically so that any discrepancies may be reconciled with the teacher(s) long before grades are scanned by the home school for inclusion on report cards.  Many teachers make their grade book available on-line through Moodle® or other computer applications.

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