PSAT for SVGS Juniors

Every SVGS Junior  is expected to take the PSAT on Wednesday, Oct. 16.  Student absences will be excused if they are taking the PSAT.  Since all juniors should be involved in testing, junior classes will not meet Oct. 16 and class time will not be missed.   This is an adjustment to our schedule so juniors may participate in this important college preparation activity.  Lab days will Thursday, Oct. 17( 1st & 2nd block) and Friday, Oct. 18(3rd & 4th block).  Studio days will remain the same.



  1. While students took the PSAT last year for their SVGS application, it is only PSAT scores from the junior year which qualify students for the National Merit Scholarship Competition or some other scholarships.  Many colleges and universities use the National Merit Scholarship Selection Index, from the junior year PSAT scores, to rank and select students for their institutional scholarships.
  2.  Juniors have had another year of academic study to improve their scores.  This is a more accurate assessment of how students may compare with their peers in college admissions.
  3. The PSAT score report provides itemized information of students strengths and weaknesses in specific academic areas. This is not available with SAT or ACT score reports.


Students must register for the PSAT at their high school guidance office!   Each high school has their own deadline for this registration – some possibly the end of this week  or fast approaching.  Please check with your high school’s counseling office today for more information if needed.  The test fee is approximately $20.  Fee waivers are available for those with financial need.  The PSAT will be  given at each high school .  For information about the PSAT or National Merit Scholarship Competition, see

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