SVGS Exams – Dec. 8-12

As we enter into November, we are fast approaching the end of SVGS’s first semester.  SVGS will have exams in December 8-12.  Please click here to see the exam schedule for the week of 12/8.  Students received this information and the exam schedule in early November.

A few reminders so everyone may prepare and plan appropriately:

  1. Attendance during exam week is critical! If there is an unexpected emergency or significant illness on an exam day, parents are expected to call and provide written documentation for the absence.  Exams missed due to illness cannot be made up without a doctor’s note.  Only absences due to emergencies or exceptional circumstances will be excused during exams. 


  1. Students will remain in their exam room during the entire morning.  Students  may notleave an exam block early.  Do not plan appointments during the exam block “after you finish your exam”. Students need to be focused on one thing that morning – showing what they have learned through their performance on their exams.


  1. If you have 4 classes or mixed programs(AH/STEM), please review the exam schedule and talk with your teacher regarding your schedule.


  1. After exams. winter seminar will begin on Dec. 15.  More information will be forthcoming.  The PSAC Winter Brunch will be held on the morning of Dec. 17.


  1. SVGS will begin classes for 2ndsemester on Jan.5.


Please let me know how we may assist your student and best wishes  in the coming weeks.


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