Parent Support Advisory Committee (PSAC)

SVGS parents, you are cordially invited to work with our Parent Support Advisory Committee (PSAC) this year!

The PSAC will have an organizational  meeting for 2015-16 on September 21 at 5:30 pm.  Please click here for the agenda.  (This is immediately prior to Mr. Ingersoll’s presentation on college admissions and changes to the SAT.)

Primary agenda items will include planning activities and calendar for the year, discussion of ideas for fundraising campaign and consideration of requests for student financial assistance.


  • PSAC promotes the schools mission by assisting our students and staff, fundraising, volunteering and advocacy.
  • Recent PSAC activities have included providing SVGS staff with breakfast, fundraising campaigns to buy needed technology/equipment, providing financial support for students in need, providing winter brunch for students at the end of semester and recognizing student achievement. Parents assisted by sharing their expertise as judges at our research and engineering symposium or providing business and professional contacts willing to support SVGS financially or serve as guest speakers.
  • PSAC also serves as an advisory group to SVGS administration.  Last year, parents participated in the strategic planning process through focus groups and met with Virginia Department of Education evaluators.
  • PSAC uses a core group of parents serving as co-presidents and secretary to guide PSAC activities.  Each school has parent representatives who are responsible for communicating with other parents in their school .  Meetings are used to plan and electronic communication is used to facilitate PSAC activities whenever possible.
  • The following individuals are returning leaders for PSAC–Ann Frisbie, STEM senior parent, Kim Wood, Arts & Humanities senior parent, Cara Moore, STEM senior parent.


Parents’ Support and Advisory Council’s meetings are usually the 3rd Monday of the month and begin promptly at 5:30 and end at 6:30 p.m.  Even if you cannot attend meetings, there are many ways you can work with PSAC and support SVGS.

This is a great opportunity to support your student’s experience at SVGS and work with other parents throughout the region.

SVGS is a truly unique community for learners.  Parents are a vital and valued part of that community!

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