SVGS Speaker Series: “Giving Voice”

Giving Voice: Lunchtime Speakers in the Humanities

The Shenandoah Valley Governor’s School is proud to introduce Giving Voice, a new series of lunchtime guest speakers for winter semester 2017.

Sponsored by the school’s Parent Support Advisory Council and the Humanities program working with a team of students, Giving Voice is bringing four distinguished speakers in the Humanities to our campus to share their backgrounds, experiences, knowledge and perspectives on topics about which the Gov. School students have expressed their keen interest. Please see information on the speakers below.  Click here to sign up!


The speaker’s presentation will be from 11:00 – 11:40. Students will stay at SVGS until 11:40 that day meaning you will be late returning to your home school. You are responsible for managing any work missed at your home school. You will need to pack a lunch.

If students would like to attend any of the speakers presentations, please sign up below. Only those who sign up may stay as we need to let your schools know and make logistical plans for space.  

These are dynamic, expert speakers with unusual topics! I hope students  will take advantage of these opportunities to explore some topics outside your regular coursework and to focus on thinking and communication about important and interesting issues.


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