REMINDER: SVGS Inclement Weather Policy

In the event of inclement weather, SVGS follows the Augusta County school schedule. Parents and students should listen/watch for announcements regarding Augusta County Schools.   Any changes in the normal SVGS schedule are posted on our website, facebook, and  twitter.

NOTICE TO PARENTS & STUDENTS:  You may customize how you wish to be notified by automated calls either to be received at your landline or texted to your phone! Please review the “Contact Preferences” tab in your Infinite Campus portal to set to your preferences. Parents will receive automated calls to their landline or cell phone if they do not have a landline. Students who wish to receive text messages should set their “Contact Preferences” in Infinite Campus.  Calls are typically made between 6:00 – 6:15 A.M.

If Augusta County Schools are closed, SVGS is closed for the day.

If Augusta County Schools are on a one-hour delay, students report no later than 8:30 to SVGS.  See below for 1 hour delay schedule.

1st      8:30– 9:06

2nd     9:08 – 9:44

3rd     9:47– 10:23

4th    10:25– 11:00*

If Augusta County schools are on a two-hour delay, students report no later than 9:30 to SVGS. See below for 2 hour delay schedule.

1st      9:30 – 10:03

2nd   10:05 – 10:37

3rd   10:39– 11:11

4th    11:13 – 11:45**

*In the rare event that Augusta County Schools are operating on a one or two-hour delay but Staunton and/or Waynesboro are not, Staunton and Waynesboro students will coordinate their release time at SVGS based on their individual high school’s class schedule as needed.

**PLEASE NOTE tech buses will not run on a 2 hr. delay schedule.  Students and parents are expected to make alternative arrangements for transportation back to the high school for those days.

SVGS follows the Augusta County School Board’s calendar.  Changes may have to be made to the calendar because of days missed due to inclement weather.  Changes are official only after actions by the Augusta County School Board. Students are expected to attend on days when SVGS is in session regardless of their high school’s calendar.

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