SVGS Strategic Plan 2015-2020

SVGS begins its implementation of a new strategic plan for 2015-2020! This plan builds on SVGS’s committment to student learning, relevance and continuous improvement.

Click  below to review the strategic plan and other related documents:

2015-2020 SVGS Strategic Plan (full pdf version)

2015-2020 SVGS Strategic Plan Overview (pdf presentation of highlights from plan)

2015-16 School Profile

SVGS Skill Set for the Ages

Reviewing, Reinvesting and Reimagining

SVGS is passionate about student learning – learning not for the moment but learning to apply, think, and create in preparation for a future of unimagined possibilities. We are committed to and driven by that passion – by taking informed risks and learning from the results, surrounding ourselves with people who will challenge us to grow, looking frankly at our deficiencies and seeking to remedy them and celebrating our strengths and seeking to enhance them. Our quest for relevancy and a continual improvement and reconnection with stakeholders has prompted this planning process.

Building a Shared Vision for the Future

During the fall of 2014, Shenandoah Valley Governor’s School (SVGS) began developing a strategic plan for 2015-2020. As part of our planning process, stakeholders were asked to provide input through a community survey. In addition, insights and data were collected through focus groups for parents, students and local school personnel. Focus groups were facilitated and assessed by a representative of James Madison University’s Center for Faculty Innovation. Four regional planning teams were then formed with representatives of colleges and universities, school divisions and the community. Each team was assigned one of the following areas: curriculum and instruction, student development, resources and community partnerships. Representatives from the SVGS strategic planning committee participated on teams in each area. Each team met a minimum of twice and submitted a report of recommendations for consideration in planning.

Guiding Principles

As a result of these planning activities, SVGS will observe the following principles:
-We will ensure our decisions and activities align with our mission.
-We will promote equity in access to our program.
-We will provide the resources necessary to support a program which serves our students and adheres to our mission.
-We will continue to nurture relationships with K-12 students having high potential in grades by collaborating with local schools.
-We will leverage opportunities for community partnerships.
-We will provide evidence of our progress.
-We will remain committed to continuous improvement through a purposeful, comprehensive and systematic process.

Moving Forward

This document is the culmination and summary of this process. The document was submitted to the SVGS Steering Committee for approval in September 2015. Implementation will begin in 2015-16. Status updates on progress will be reported to the steering committee annually in May.

SVGS extends thanks to the many people who contributed to this collaborative process!

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