SVGS Students 3rd Place in GIS

Congratulations to SVGS seniors, Campbell Thompson and Kaylee Mills, who earned third prize in the JMU GIS Map Contest!

JMU received 79 entries for their Geospatial Semester Map Contest this year from across Virginia.

Click here to see their project.  These ladies analyzed the location of volleyball hits of their opponents in order to determine a more effective defense.

Click JMU Geospatial Semester 2016-17 Contest Winners to see more.

“The Geospatial Semester is a unique partnership between high schools in Virginia and the Integrated Science and Technology department at James Madison University (JMU).  High school seniors participating in the Geospatial Semester take classes on geospatial technology in their home school and can earn credit from JMU.  A key aspect of the program is a focus on local projects connecting students, technology, and their community.

The Geospatial Semester  is designed to offer options to high school seniors to keep them engaged in their final semester(s).  The students are given a chance to broaden their horizons by learning a cutting-edge technology and applying it to explore a local issue.  Students build spatial thinking and project management skills as they begin the transition from secondary education to higher education or the workplace.”

Source: JMU ISAT Geospatial Semester webpage –

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