Back to School 2017-18!

I hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful summer!    As we get ready to begin, just a few reminders and some information before we start in August.


  1. New students will have orientation on Monday, August 7 from 8:30 a.m. – 3:00 p.m. Lunch will be provided.On Tuesday, August 8, new students will go through their regular class schedule.  Homeroom begins in 7:40 a.m. and classes will end at regular time for students to return to their homeschool for afternoon classes.
  2. Returning students will begin on Wednesday, August 9. Homeroom begins at 7:40 a.m.
  3. Please let us know if you have questions regarding fees and tuition. Invoices will be mailed  July 5.
  4. All students need to complete SVGS forms. We apologize for the necessity for you to fill out many of these forms at both SVGS and your high school, but we also need the information.


ALL forms must be submitted or returned to SVGS!  For your convenience, please click on each link below (in blue)  to complete on-line. Forms can also be printed and downloaded and copies are available at SVGS.  Forms regarding driving, riding and parking are included.  Driving rules will be reviewed with students during orientation. ALL DRIVING FORMS WILL STILL REQUIRE A PARENT’S HANDWRITTEN SIGNATURE!

Emergency Contact Form

PARENTS: Please click here and fill in EVERYTHING on this electronic form. This is our official contact information for you for all school-related business as well as any emergencies that may arise.

Student Forms

PARENTS:  Please click here and sign each of the student forms.   These forms include permission for textbooks, technology use, use of image/work in media, and academic integrity.  You will open one document and then sign each form which will be submitted electronically.


  1. Permission to Drive/Transport– if students are going to drive a car to school, complete the top two sections of the form COMPLETELY – that means complete car identification and license information. WRITE LEGIBLY! If students are going to transport passengers, their names must be at the bottom along with their parents’ signatures. If you are NEVER going to drive, PRINT YOUR NAME on the form and put a big “X” through the text.
  2. Permission to Ride– if you are going to be a passenger in another student’s car, you must fill out this form completely. If you will NEVER ride with another student, please PRINT YOUR NAME on the form and put a big “X” through the text and return it.
  3. Parking Permits– A parking permit from VCTC is required for all SVGS student drivers and must be taken care of in person.  Augusta County students pay the entire fee at their high schools, who in turn share a portion of the fee with VCTC.  To verify parking fees were paid at the high school, Augusta County students must purchase a tag at their high school first and then 1)show that parking tag to Mrs. Conner and 2)complete the driving/transport form above before being issued a parking tag for SVGS.  All Staunton and Waynesboro students are required to pay $25. Checks should be written to “VCTC”. Please attach this check to the completed driving/transport form shown above.

For NEW STUDENTS: All forms need to be completed and returned to Mrs. Conner no later Wednesday, August 9.

For RETURNING STUDENTS: All forms need to be completed and returned to Mrs. Conner no later than Friday, August 11.

We are excited and look forward to the 2017-18 year!

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