SVGS Robotics Team

SVGS hosts a FIRST Robotics Team (#3361 – The Governators). In this program, students are introduced to a game that changes annually in early January. From then, they have until competition in early March to design, construct, program, and test a robot to compete with other schools. The Governators first traveled to Richmond, where they competed in a quarter-final round before being eliminated. They will be heading to Blacksburg soon for their second competition of the season.

TEAM MEMBERS: Ijahmin Blaser, Nathaniel Bane, Alexander Callo, Joshua Eckert, Henry Fosnocht, Elizabeth Fosnocht, Eva Frederick, Colin Gates, Emily hamirck, Caleb Kong, Gisi Martinez-Campa, Brianna Martinez-Campa,  Emilio Morales, Martin Nester, Taode Ogden, Riley Reed, Tiernan Rhodes, Celeste Shelton, Kelsey Snider, Chris Wingfield

COACHES & MENTORS: Chris Martin, Erik Nylander, Vincent Daw, Zachary Clasbey, erin Fosnocht, Elexis Bradley, Sam Brown

To see more information about the FIRST Robotics Competition and the 2020 game, head to

To learn more about the Governators, follow us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram @Governators3361. You can also find us at our website at

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